Our international approach

We deliver the highest quality advice and service to our clients wherever their business takes them.

Our international strategy is founded on our independence - by bringing together our lawyers' experience with the best local law firms, we are always able to provide our clients with advice from the best practitioners in the field, delivered seamlessly. Accordingly, our international offering is very different to that of the global law firms with whom we compete.

For our UK clients: when we choose an overseas law firm to work on a project, we make a wholly independent assessment of the best lawyer for that piece of work.  We are able to do this because we spend a lot of time on due diligence and relationship building with law firms (and lawyers) in key jurisdictions.  That is supported by years of working together and secondment programmes.

For overseas clients looking to do work either in the UK or internationally: we position ourselves as a law firm in London that they can choose to work in conjunction with their existing relationship lawyers. 

For independent law firms around the world: they can access English legal advice from a firm that has no intention of competing with them on their doorstep, or trying to usurp the relationships that they have with their clients.  It means that there is a firm with the same kind of independence of spirit that leading independent firms around the world themselves embody. 

Servicing clients across borders: there are two conflicting views out there in the market place.  For some, global reach is more important than ever with some lawyers arguing that it is a pre-requisite that a firm putting itself forward for premium work must have the in-house capability to cover any jurisdiction that is thrown at them.  There are, however, many who take a different view and who argue that global reach, in the form of offices in many jurisdictions, is a red herring; they would argue, as we do, that it is the depth of local skill and knowledge which is important and that can be offered more effectively by relationships with the best local law firms with relevant experience in the relevant jurisdiction.

What is important in servicing clients across borders is the provision of expertise. Clients want to work with whichever is the best law firm with the relevant expertise in a given jurisdiction and that is what our model offers - uniformly high quality worldwide. 


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