Competition litigation


Competition litigation is becoming an increasingly important tool in addressing anti-competitive behaviour. Whilst regulators can impose fines on companies that have infringed the law, such sanctions do not directly benefit private parties that have suffered as a result of such behaviour.

Policymakers in the UK and Europe are seeking to encourage private parties to take action against anti-competitive behaviour as a complement to regulators’ enforcement activities. Legislative changes have made bringing so-called "private actions" easier and we have advised on a number of cases in this relatively new and exciting area of the law.

An important feature of competition litigation in the UK is choosing the forum in which to bring a claim as, in many cases, the claimant will be able to choose between the High Court and the Competition Appeal Tribunal. From the outset, therefore, tactics are a key element when advising on such matters, so we have a dedicated cross-departmental team working on damages actions based on competition law.


  • "This compact competition team continues to advise on transactional, behavioural and litigation matters."

    Chambers UK 2011