Outsourcing offers considerable benefits to businesses seeking to reduce their cost bases. We have the knowledge and experience to help our clients to maximise these benefits, with outsourcing now a major part of our commercial lawyers’ work.

Unfortunately, clarity and certainty in the drafting of outsourcing agreements are often sacrificed for future "flexibility". In our experience, an over-reliance on discussions about the future rarely provides parties with sufficiently certain positions in the event of disputes, regardless of the inevitably optimistic atmosphere at the beginning of their outsourcing arrangements.

If an outsourcing relationship breaks down, the contract must help rather than simply leave the parties to negotiate a settlement. We work to ensure that the final outsourcing agreements give the parties the flexibility to develop their relationships but also protect the fundamental rights and obligations that underpin the deals.

We combine our contract specialists and expert draftsmen, with experts as required from our competition, corporate, employment, financial services, IP/IT, litigation, real estate and tax groups, which enables us to provide first-class outsourcing advice in all areas.