FCA authorisation and ongoing obligations


We have extensive experience of assisting clients in becoming FCA-authorised and on their continuing obligations as authorised firms.

Our aim is to make the application process as painless and smooth as possible. We ensure that our clients are well-briefed and properly prepared at the start of the process and know what to expect.

We advise clients on the requirements and process for obtaining regulatory permissions ranging from advising, dealing as agent/principal, arranging, investment management through to operating a collective investment scheme and banking.

We help our clients to prioritise and focus on the areas likely to attract most scrutiny. Our work often extends to preparing much of the requisite documentation, forms and manuals, liaising with the FCA and coordinating the entire application process.

An important aspect of our work is practical advice on ongoing regulatory obligations and relevant forthcoming regulatory developments.

Our range of services includes:

  • advising on the authorisation process;
  • advising on MiFID issues;
  • project managing the application process, where required;
  • liaison with the FCA;
  • assistance with requisite documents, forms and submissions (including regulatory business plan);
  • advising on approved person applications;
  • advising on scope of permissions;
  • advising on regulatory capital categorisation;
  • preparing compliance and procedures manuals and ancillary policies/procedures; and
  • advising on ongoing regulatory obligations.