A Covid-secure environment for our people and our visitors

We have undertaken a detailed risk assessment of our premises and consulted our people on the measures that we have put in place to create a Covid-secure environment for our people and our visitors.

The suggestions that our people have made have been included in our protocols for using our office space. As the pandemic and government guidance evolves we will be updating our assessments and protocols and will be consulting our people regularly. We also invite suggestions for improvements from our people at any time.

Our people

The main risk that we have identified is the possibility of the transmission of Covid-19 between individuals through the routine use of our office premises. In accordance with the government's guidance, we are gradually returning to the office. For those that come into our office, changes have been made to ensure social distancing and all of our people are required to follow the detailed protocols. 

Key points covered by the protocols include:

  • We ask that those travelling to the office do so outside of peak periods and stagger their arrival at the office.
  • We ask that no one visits the office if they (or someone with whom they live or with whom they have been in close contact) have tested positive for Covid-19, are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, if they have been asked by NHS Track and Trace to isolate or if they are required to isolate following international travel.
  • Everyone must now enter through a single entry point where a non-invasive temperature check is undertaken. Those with a high temperature will be asked to return home and to follow government guidance on self-isolation.
  • There is a daily sign-in process which will enable us to identify who has been in the office each day and enable us to better track who they will have been in close proximity to whilst in the office.
  • Lift use has been restricted and one-way systems are in place for movement around our buildings.
  • Hot desking is not permitted.
  • In-person meetings are discouraged and where they take place can only do so if social distancing can be maintained.
  • We have provided ample supplies of hand-sanitiser.
  • There is continual cleaning during the day, particularly of surfaces that are touched regularly and deeper cleans take place overnight.
  • Those who wish to wear masks in any part of the building have been told that they should feel comfortable to do so, but it is not compulsory.

Our visitors

We are not encouraging in person meetings at this time. However, if it is necessary that visitors come to our buildings they follow the same protocols as our people, details of which are shared with them by their host in advance.

Updated 19 July 2021