Civil Fraud, Asset Recovery and Enforcement

We represent private individuals, multi-national companies and states in complex civil fraud and asset recovery cases. We represent both claimants and defendants.

Our expertise covers all aspects of civil fraud, asset recovery and enforcement, including:

  • investigating potential fraud/misappropriation of assets;
  • securing or challenging the jurisdiction of the English courts;
  • interim and post-judgment relief, including worldwide freezing orders in support of domestic proceedings, foreign proceedings and arbitration;
  • domestication of freezing orders in other jurisdictions;
  • asset disclosure orders;
  • contempt proceedings;
  • inquiry into damages/enforcement of cross undertakings in damages;
  • disclosure orders;
  • foreign evidence gathering processes;
  • insolvency procedures as an asset tracing tool;
  • illusory trusts, sham trusts and trust busting;
  • enforcement of judgments and awards worldwide;
  • assisting with parallel civil, criminal or regulatory proceedings in other jurisdictions; and
  • obtaining litigation funding for complex fraud claims.

Clients instruct us with their most important mandates because of our wealth of knowledge and   track record of success. Fraud takes many forms and we have specialists in commercial fraud, private wealth fraud, financial services fraud and tax fraud.

Pursuing or defending a civil fraud claim requires a multi-disciplined, international team. We work with the best independent law firms around the world. We can work with chosen counsel or recommend a trusted international team to best support a case, including not only lawyers but investigators, forensic accountants, PR consultants and litigation funders.

We would be pleased to discuss our expertise with you.

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