Digital defence risks

The growing and emerging digital risk threat landscape for all companies is ever evolving. Risks may be posed not only by malevolent third party actors, but also through a failure of internal processes and functions, not only of the company but also its supply chain. Companies now need to think beyond purely "cyber" risks to those risks which could affect all of its digital assets.

Risks include:


Digital blackmail

  • Ransomware demands
  • Threats to divulge confidential or price sensitive information
  • Posing as “grey hat” companies

Fake news and misinformation

  • False rumours
  • Partial unauthorised disclosure
  • Deliberate misinformation

Catastrophic digital failure

  • Failure of firm wide digital infrastructure
  • Failure of key partners’ licensed digital infrastructure
  • Failure of Third party outsourcers

Data breach

  • Breach of GDPR
  • Breach of third party contractual duties
  • Data breach by a key partner


  • Hacking
  • DOS attack

Loss of digital assets

  • Inadvertent destruction of critical digital assets or data
  • Inadvertent loss of critical digital assets or data

Theft / fraud

  • Theft of digital assets
  • Fraudulent activity

Illicit materials

  • Access to illicit or illegal materials
  • Inappropriate use of emails or digital infrastructure