Michael Harwood-Smith Senior solicitor

Michael specialises in prime brokerage and derivatives trading matters.

Michael has over 10 years’ experience advising hedge funds, asset managers and fund platforms on a broad range of brokerage, trading, custody and financing matters including risk management, operations, market practice and regulatory compliance.

Michael has extensive experience advising on equity and synthetic prime brokerage arrangements, including term financing / margin lock-up, bespoke cross-margin and tri-party custody arrangements. He develops policies and templates for asset managers and platforms. He also advises on complex OTC derivative transactions including total return swaps and bespoke portfolio swaps for hedging or investment purposes.

Michael acts for large institutional investment managers, hedge fund start-ups and family offices in London, New York, Switzerland and Hong Kong across a range of investment strategies including global macro, relative value, equity long/short and quant trading strategies. He has advised clients through market disruptions, credit events and economic crises.

Michael previously worked as Vice President in Morgan Stanley’s prime brokerage and equity derivatives business in London and New York.