Agata Kostrzewa Senior solicitor

Agata specialises in competition law with focus on financial services and payment systems and has extensive experience in high-profile competition investigations led by the UK and EU authorities across a wide range of industries.

Her private practice experience includes representing clients in investigations led by the Competition and Markets Authority relating to, among others, exchanges of confidential information, use of most favoured nations clauses as well as director disqualification procedures (including an application to the court for leave to act as a director of company).

Prior to that, Agata spent a couple of years working for the UK regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority and Payment Systems Regulator, where she was involved in the first FCA’s Competition Act 1998 investigation into asset management firms and the first PSR’s Competition Act 1998 investigation. Agata has also conducted a number of dawn raids led by the FCA and PSR accordingly.

Agata's competition and financial services experience also covers magic and silver circle law firms as well as in-house roles at major financial and payment institutions.