Environmental, social and governance

In recent years, we have seen environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations rapidly rise up the agenda for businesses and investors.

The Covid-19 pandemic will only brighten the spotlight further, particularly in relation to whether businesses are behaving in an environmentally conscious way, considering their wider social impact and demonstrating good governance.

Environmental, social and governance

Public policy

Businesses are increasingly facing unparalleled challenges, from dealing with the instability and economic repercussions of Covid-19 to an ever changing UK, EU and global political discourse.

As the business and political world collide, our clients require responsive advice and support - to issue spot, analyse policy, identify stakeholders and build relationships which will help to offer clarity through the uncertainty and drive business forward.

Public policy

BEPS 2.0

The global minimum corporate tax rate proposed by the OECD is one step closer to implementation following the publication of model rules on 20 December 2021. 

These “global anti-base erosion” or “GloBE” rules are the main component of Pillar Two of the OECD’s BEPS 2.0 project, and aim to ensure that large multinational enterprise (MNE) groups pay a minimum effective tax rate (ETR) of at least 15% on their profits in every jurisdiction in which they operate.



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