Meet our people

At Macfarlanes, our people are key to our success. Here are some of our lawyers - current and future - and business services staff talking about different aspects of their experience at Macfarlanes.

Jat Bains

Partner, Finance

"We give trainees as much responsibility as they can handle – the best way to learn is through doing the work of an associate."

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Sam Brooks

Partner, Investment Management

"I have always thought of the firm as extremely professional. The partners are impressive, keen to learn about you and many are younger than I was expecting."

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Sheila Dines

Associate, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

"Speaking to trainee solicitors from a range of different law firms proved not only invaluable in affording me the ability to decide whether a career in law was what I wanted to pursue, but also in deciding which law firm would be best-suited for me."

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Sarah-Louise Fernandez

Senior Associate, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

"Putting legal work into a real life context made the possibility of a career in this industry all the more fathomable and feasible."

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Alexandra Gaynor

Trainee Solicitor

"I like the open door policy and the feeling of an inclusive culture, little things like the fact that firm-wide events also have non-alcoholic options, catering to everyone."

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Kirstie Hutchinson

Partner, Finance

"The City is a leading global legal and financial centre, and I wanted the challenge and buzz of working in a sector at the top of its game."

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Matt McCahearty

Partner, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

"During my time on secondment, I was fortunate enough to work on the trial teams of a number of cases that spanned from a multi-million dollar anti-trust jury trial in Florida to a defamation and extortion trial in New Jersey."

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George Mitkov

Associate, Derivatives and Trading

"Knowing Macfarlanes was one of the top firms in the City, I thought it’d be a good idea to get an initial insight into the firm."

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Elizabeth Fielding

Senior Associate, Real Estate

"I met a team from Macfarlanes at a recruitment fair and was impressed by their passion for the firm, and their engaging and friendly manner."

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Kirsten Sutcliffe

Director of Business Development and Marketing

"There is no such thing as a typical day. This is what has kept me here for the last ten years."

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Clare Wilson

Senior Knowledge Lawyer, Private Client

"From day one, I have found Macfarlanes to be a very welcoming place. We have an open door policy and so it is easy to pop into someone else's room to discuss a difficult issue or just to have a chat."

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Jeyda Yilmaz

Senior Recruitment Manager, HR

"I am responsible for recruiting all lateral non-partner fee earners across the firm. I work closely with the partners, build strong relationships with recruitment agencies and do all I can to ensure that every applicant has a positive experience with Macfarlanes."

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