About us

We are a unique firm. Our blend of expertise, agility and culture means we have the flexibility to meet our clients’ most challenging demands and to champion innovation.

Our approach is simple. Our firm is built and shaped around the needs of our clients with whom we form long-lasting relationships. They entrust us with their most difficult and complex problems in the areas in which we practise. We find, recruit and train talented people from all backgrounds, who we want to have long-lasting careers with us and who will one day shape and lead the firm. To achieve this, we operate differently.

A simple model

We do not aim to be all things to all clients. Instead we have grown thoughtfully to provide the depth and breadth of services they need. We operate with our clients in three broad areas.

  • We assist them with their major transactions. This includes anything from complex M&A and real estate transactions to the creation of sophisticated financial products.
  • We assist our clients with their most consequential litigation and investigations.
  • We advise on all aspects of our clients’ private capital needs, working with asset managers, family offices and individual entrepreneurs, including, uniquely, through our market-leading private client practice.

The scope of our services is distinct. We are one of the foremost firms in each of these areas.

A different international approach

We operate from two offices: in London, our main office, and in Brussels, where we focus on EU law.

We have a strong international network which we work hard to maintain, as we view these firms as our partners in delivering services to our clients and to theirs. We work with the best lawyers for the mandate in each jurisdiction. This gives clients choice and enables us to provide them with the highest possible level of service.

A human-sized culture

We recruit people to build careers for the long term. We know each other personally which means we work together with cohesion and speed. We have a strong, independent culture, which is challenging and supportive, creating an entrepreneurial environment where everyone, at whatever level, can thrive.

Whether you want to instruct us as a client, or to work with us as a colleague, we would be pleased to hear from you.
Sebastian Prichard Jones Senior Partner