Price transparency

Since 6 December 2018, we have been required to provide a range of prices for certain services.

Macfarlanes differentiates itself on:

  • quality, via our reputation for solving our clients’ most complex issues;
  • our partner-led, small and cohesive teams;
  • our independence; and
  • our highly-focused and informed relationships across our clients’ corporate and commercial work and private affairs.

We are unlikely to be the cheapest law firm in the context of any of the services we offer, nor would we strive to be. A commitment to excellence, as opposed to competitive pricing, is at the heart of our offering.

The relevant rules require us to provide you with a range of prices and linked information, including hourly rates, for our residential conveyancing services, our employer tribunal work in relation to defending wrongful and unfair dismissal claims, immigration applications and probate and estate administration services.

Our hourly rates, upon which the various fee ranges quoted below are (in part, together with other value pricing factors) based, range, depending on who is involved on the matter from £250 to £950 plus VAT. These hourly rates only form a basis for our fees and are only for the particular types of work referred to below; they are not necessarily the hourly rates which apply to this firm’s other workstreams.

The details are available at the below links.

Residential conveyancing

Defending unfair or wrongful dismissal claims

Immigration applications

Probate and administration of uncontested estates