Illegal use of our name

We are aware of some illegal scams, which involve emails and faxes being sent to (innocent) third parties, which purport to come from this firm or its personnel.

Common themes involve:

  • the emails and faxes purporting to come from Charles Martin, Edward Reed, or Piers Barclay (who are genuine partners of this firm) or 'Steven Macfarlane', who is not known to us;
  • the emails using a domain name which is similar to our genuine domain name ( such as or or which includes the word 'embleton';
  • the emails and faxes promising an inheritance from an individual (sometimes called 'Craig') with the same surname as the recipient.

The aim of the scam may be to induce you to make contact with the scammers, for example by calling a telephone number, and, possibly only later, to extort money or personal data from you. You should ignore and delete scam emails.

If you receive a suspicious email which purports to come from this firm, check the domain name carefully. If you are uncertain whether a communication is genuine, please contact this firm's Director of Risk, Yamini Paramesan at or t: +44 (0)20 7849 2054.

This is not an exhaustive list of current scams or 'rogue' email addresses or domain names; new scams are regularly being set up.