ESG and the Family Office

ESG issues are intricately linked with preserving and enhancing private wealth and the importance of private capital in addressing ESG-related challenges must not be underestimated.

Often viewed through the lens of “family vision” or “family values”, and carried through generations of a family, an increasing proportion of private wealth is invested using ESG principles.

Family-run businesses are increasingly sensitive to their ESG impacts and how their businesses are perceived from an ESG perspective.

Macfarlanes has a long history of supporting family offices and families, and can assist on the wide range of ESG related impacts, including:

  • ESG and impact investing in the context of fiduciary duties;
  • embedding ESG in trust deeds and other documents to effect a lasting approach to ESG;
  • the strategy implications for regulated family offices;
  • reputational issues including tax, tax policy, inequality, wealth, joint ventures, co-investments;
  • charity and philanthropy matters;
  • contractual arrangements surrounding peatland restoration and afforestation projects for landowners;
  • ESG risks and opportunities for family-controlled businesses;
  • advice on transition pathways and opportunity selection, performance and diversification;
  • ESG in family governance and managing intergenerational dynamics; and
  • advice and drafting for private clients with ESG/impact as an objective, including governance mechanisms, impact strategies, family constitutions and family policies to further objectives.