Speciality finance

Our speciality finance practice advises banks, financial institutions, alternative lenders and corporates across various asset classes and receivable types.

This includes extensive experience of auto loans; consumer and personal loans (including credit cards, loans, current accounts, hire purchase agreements, overdrafts and other forms of credit), mortgages (first and second charges), secured and unsecured receivables, consumer receivables arising under asset maintenance and other service contracts, and corporate receivables. 

Our experience advising on term and revolving borrowing base facilities advanced against pools of receivables, includes:

  • funding the origination of consumer credit receivables;
  • the acquisition of portfolios of non-performing consumer credit portfolios;
  • run-off facilities to fund the acquisition of a static portfolio of receivables;
  • warehousing facilities to support the creation of a portfolio of assets prior to the launch of ABS, CLO or CDO; and
  • leverage and borrowing base facilities for fund managers secured against pools of investments.

We are also one of the few City firms to have a dedicated consumer credit practice.