Digital Asset Disputes

We represent private investors, tech entrepreneurs, corporates and financial institutions operating in the digital economy. We deal with a wide range of disputes concerning digital assets including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, tokens, crypto-funds and crypto-related businesses and investments.

Our expertise covers all aspects of crypto disputes, including:

  • misappropriation of digital assets;
  • interim and post-judgment relief, including freezing orders;
  • joint-venture and shareholder disputes involving crypto businesses;
  • tracing digital assets;
  • crypto-related sanctions;
  • money laundering and regulatory issues;
  • valuation disputes;
  • non-performance and breach of commercial contracts;
  • insolvency;
  • enforcement of judgments and awards domestically and worldwide; and
  • disclosure orders.

Our team of experts understand the unique opportunities presented by crypto assets and the challenges posed by litigating in relation to them. We move at pace to deliver innovative, bespoke solutions to protect and advance our clients’ interests.

We supplement our legal expertise by drawing upon our international network of crypto and tech experts to build a bespoke advisory team of lawyers, blockchain analysts and investigators, forensic accountants and PR consultants.