Pensions Advisory

Unlike many of our competitors, our pensions advisory practice is more focused on corporates than on trustees. We regularly advise on key issues of funding negotiations, benefit changes, scheme closures and dealing with the Pensions Regulator.

We advise both sponsoring employers and trustees on all aspects of UK pensions law and practice including:

  • establishing and on-going management of pension schemes including scheme mergers and wind-ups;
  • scheme funding issues;
  • section 75 debt management, including "regulated apportionment arrangements" and "flexible apportionment arrangements";
  • scheme de-risking strategies including enhanced transfer value exercises, contingent assets, benefit changes and restructurings and collateralised contribution arrangements;
  • scheme investment strategies and implementation;
  • trustee duties, managing conflicts of interests and information sharing;
  • employee consultations and negotiations with employees and trade unions associated with changes in benefit provision;
  • automatic enrolment and related employer duties;
  • cross-border schemes in the European Union;
  • pensions taxation including conditions for tax relief in relation to registered pension schemes, the tax deductibility of pension contributions, the conditions for exemption on investment returns and the tax applicable to payments made by the pension scheme, including benefit payments; and
  • the treatment of contributions to overseas pension schemes including transfers to and from such schemes.