Private banks and institutional clients

Given Macfarlanes’ unique combination of private client and corporate and institutional expertise, we are well placed to advise private banks and other businesses serving the private client community.

We are able to help institutions design and optimise platforms aimed at high-net-worth individuals as well as providing dedicated tax advice, reviewing operations procedures and advising on specific investments.

With our many years’ experience of advising businesses in this context, we have a good understanding of the issues which arise internally at banks and other financial services businesses when working with private clients.

We are a panel firm for a number of high-profile private banks which consult us on the evolution of their services offering to meet changing client demands, or the requirements of new tax and regulatory regimes. For a number of banks, we advise on the UK tax rules for trustee residence and the associated operational impact, and help to devise trust example precedents for the trustee businesses within private banks.