Private Equity Tax Forum

PETF was established in 2017 to harness the collective tax knowledge and insight that exists amongst tax focused individuals in the private equity industry

During the subsequent period of unprecedented tax change, it has allowed those interested in tax matters within private equity and similar fund managers to understand and share practical implications of the latest UK and global tax developments on their business, stakeholders and investments

The objective of PETF is to give you:

  • greater visibility on tax developments in the private equity and private credit world
  • an opportunity to discuss the technical and practical effects of tax changes
  • a place to share intelligence and insight into developments (taking account of the prominent roles of Macfarlanes partners on the BVCA Tax Committee and the AIMA Alternative Credit Council Tax Committee)
  • a platform to network and exchange views with your peers

Throughout the year PETF offers a variety of interactive events, including technical training sessions, roundtable discussions on key developments and guest speakers as well as social events.