When the status quo is beneficial

10 January 2018

A new year. A new Cabinet. As exciting as the comings and goings into No. 10 can be during a reshuffle, the tax community can take some relief that the ministers responsible for tax are largely unchanged. The Chancellor and the lead tax minister, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, have held on to their posts. One change is Robert Jenrick MP who has been appointed as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury. He takes over the brief from Andrew Jones MP and covers indirect taxes (amongst other items), supporting Mel Stride MP, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

During a period of extensive change to the tax system, having some stability within the Treasury ministerial team is beneficial. The good news we take from this is a continued commitment to the 2015 business tax roadmap and the new tax policy-making cycle (meaning fewer fiscal events). Familiarity with the recent measures announced at the Autumn Budget should be of value as the latest Finance Bill moves through the Houses. For the time being at least, this means we can expect more of the same.

Yesterday, as the centrepiece of an otherwise unremarkable reshuffle, the Conservatives unveiled a shake-up in their organisation with the appointment of 11 MPs to manage party headquarters. There is a general view that change was required and will be beneficial.