Data protection and cyber-crime - views from the house of commons

29 June 2016

A report commissioned in the wake of the TalkTalk hack in October 2015 by the House of Commons Culture Media and Sport Committee was published earlier this week making 17 recommendations relating to the protection of data online.

The suggestion that CEO compensation should at least be in part linked to effective cyber-security inevitably caught the attention of the media, but the other recommendations are of interest too, providing views on post-event scrutiny and how best to mitigate damage in situations where the profile of the breach might attract Parliamentary attention. Much is made of the inevitability of some form of cyber-attack on businesses large or small, so understanding how a company’s actions might be judged by such a committee are helpful indicators for anyone trying to gauge what might be deemed reasonable behaviour. Please note that this is not an analysis of the minimum standards required to escape censure.