Going public in London

28 May 2019

This is our new guide for anyone planning an IPO in London. It's a user-friendly resource looking at the key considerations of the IPO process and timetable.

London is at the heart of the global financial community. It has been, and continues to be, a very attractive place for companies from around the world to choose a public listing.

With a number of different markets the London Stock Exchange (or LSE) provides an accessible and well-regulated forum for companies raising equity finance, and is uniquely positioned to cater for the needs and objectives of most companies looking to go public.

Taking a company through an initial public offering (an IPO or listing) is a landmark moment for any business: it may signal the next phase in a company’s life-cycle, or present an exit event for investors who have backed the company from the outset. Alternatively, listing a special purpose vehicle may be the first step in a newly formed company’s investment strategy. In any case, it is an important milestone for a company and one which requires careful planning and navigation.

This guide is intended to be a user-friendly overview of the process and timetable for taking a company public in London and should operate as a first point of reference for management and shareholders when considering the various steps along the way.