Macfarlanes announces launch of trainee experience app

25 October 2021

Macfarlanes is pleased to announce the launch of the Macfarlanes trainee experience, an app giving anyone the opportunity to complete mock trainee tasks and gain an insight into our unique culture.

The programme has been developed entirely in-house by our graduate recruitment and lawtech teams, and all tasks have been modelled on real work, created by our solicitors and trainee solicitors. Participants can experience work from our corporate and M&A, finance, litigation and private client teams and there is no application form needed in order to access the tasks. Information about our vacation scheme, training programme application process and the firm’s culture can also be found within the app.

Commenting on the launch of the Macfarlanes trainee experience, training principal Jat Bains said: “Given the superb effort across the firm to create bespoke tasks for our virtual vacation schemes, and the concerns that many of us have around the negative impact of lockdowns upon access to the legal profession, I am pleased that we can give anyone who wants it a sense for what the job might entail and how a lawyer has to think. It’s fantastic that, through the use of technology, firms can open the gates to the ‘playing field’ wide open and allow people from all backgrounds to have the chance to see at least some of what those who gain a place on a vacation scheme can experience. We are hopeful that this approach will better prepare candidates for success when applying for a training contract at the firm of their choice.”

Catherine Morgan-Guest, graduate recruitment and trainee development manager adds: “The experience doesn’t end once someone has completed the activities on the app. Every few months we will be running virtual seminars on the tasks so that participants can ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the practice areas involved. Attendees will also get the opportunity to ask graduate recruitment any questions they have about our application forms and the programmes we offer. We hope that the app and the seminars will let interested applicants gain a real insight into the work that our trainee solicitors do and our unique culture.”

The Macfarlanes trainee experience launched on Monday 25 October and is available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.