Experience Macfarlanes

Take a look inside Macfarlanes to gain an insight into a commercial law firm.
  • Macfarlanes legal academy: aimed at school and college students, mainly years 12 and 13. It provides freely available guidance, materials and exercises designed to help you build the skills you need if you are considering a career in law. You also learn about the wider legal industry.
  • Macfarlanes trainee experience: an app, freely available to anyone interested in law, providing an opportunity to try mock trainee work.
  • First year insight scheme: a week-long work experience programme for undergraduate students in their first year of a three year course or second year of a four year course at university.
  • First year skills development initiative: a week-long work experience and mentoring programme for law undergraduates from specific non-Russell group universities.
  • Vacation scheme: a two-week, hands-on experience open to law and non-law undergraduates who are in at least their penultimate year of university, as well as to graduates.

In addition to these programmes we host in-house insight days with recruitment partners such as Aspiring Solicitors, Bright Network, Rare and upReach. Here, you can network with people from across Macfarlanes, attend talks about our application process, undertake mock assessment exercises and learn about our practice areas. We also go to many of their flagship events, as well as provide coaching opportunities with these organisations.