The Macfarlanes bursary

Macfarlanes is committed to removing financial barriers that can hinder students from accessing the legal profession. The Macfarlanes bursary is a financial support package open to socially-mobile undergraduates attending any UK university.

We have designed the bursary to account for the financial demands of being a university student and prospective trainee solicitor.

There are three grants available.

  • Technology grant: for those who need support accessing technology.
  • Accommodation grant: for those participating on our vacation scheme, first year insight scheme, first year skills development initiative and upReach work experience.
  • Participation grant: for working students who cannot afford to miss work to attend a Macfarlanes event.

The accommodation grant will be automatically assigned to eligible participants on schemes. To apply for the technology or participation grants, please complete the relevant application form, which you can find on our Apply page

We have designed our application forms so that they are as straightforward as possible. We encourage you to include as much information as you can, so that we can understand your needs. If you need advice at any stage of your application, please contact our early legal careers team.  

Technology grant

  • What?
    The technology grant is available to those who need support accessing technology. We will consider all reasonable requests for any form of technology, whether that is a laptop, a WiFi connection or any other devices or accessories. When laptops are requested by applicants, we will provide a model and make decided by the firm. We may award a sum which covers all or part of the purchase, depending on the request.
  • Who?
    Any person currently enrolled, or with a place confirmed, on an undergraduate course at any UK university.
  • How?
    To apply, please complete an application form. On the application form, you will be asked to outline what your technology needs are and how access to this technology will support your journey towards a career in law.

Accommodation grant

  • What?
    The accommodation grant is a fixed payment to cover some or all of the cost of accommodation in London, so that students who live outside London are still able to access our vacation and first year insight schemes.
  • Who?
    Participants on our vacation and first year insight schemes who meet our social mobility and geographic criteria.
  • How?
    Eligible participants will be contacted directly by our early legal careers team.

Participation grant

  • What?
    The participation grant is available to undergraduates attending a Macfarlanes event who need to miss work to attend.
  • Who?
    Working students who meet our social mobility criteria and can demonstrate they are missing work to attend a Macfarlanes event.
  • How?
    To apply, please complete an application form. You will also need to provide evidence that you are scheduled to work.


Do I need to be studying law to be eligible?

No. We accept applications from students across all degree disciplines.

Why have you asked me about my academic profile?

Your academic profile is used for monitoring and evaluation purposes and will not be used to assess the validity of your grant application.

Do I have to apply for one of Macfarlanes’ programmes if I am successful?

No. While we hope that successful applicants do apply to us, it is not mandatory that they do so.

Can I reapply if I am unsuccessful?

Yes. You can reapply in the next grant application cycle if you are unsuccessful.