ESG Strategy, Risk and Technology

Our integrated corporate advisory team assist clients in developing an ESG strategy, tailored to their product or service using the strategic action plan the business needs to support its vision.

We support clients on their ESG strategy with a team that includes public policy specialists, consultants, lawtech professionals and accountants alongside our legal experts.

Companies and funds are considering what their organisational purpose is and using that purpose to provide a clear direction to their strategy.

This rare combination allows us to future proof and stress test ESG strategies alongside the development of high-tech solutions to help clients keep on top of this fast-developing and challenging space.

ESG issues are high on the agenda of regulators and following best practice can manage potential risks of greenwashing, misrepresentation and misselling claims. Risks extend beyond climate change and include wider environmental issues such as nature and biodiversity, social and governance issues and supply chains.

Macfarlanes can assist clients with:

  • ESG strategy setting;
  • governance issues amid heightened demands for corporate accountability and intense external scrutiny;
  • greenwashing, misrepresentation and misselling risks;
  • internal and external investigations;
  • biodiversity-related litigation;
  • ESG elements of due diligence processes;
  • drafting, updating and evaluating all compliance policies throughout internal systems and controls; and
  • AI and machine learning solutions to assist with the numerous cross-jurisdictional and cross-industry compliance requirements.