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Drafting, negotiating and executing commercial contracts can be a time-consuming and complicated process. In the fast-moving world of business, clients need this to be as efficient and reliable as possible, particularly when they are negotiating multiple contracts simultaneously, with a range of stakeholders and often within tight time frames.

Fast-paced and concurrent discussions can complicate the process further with clients needing visibility of, and access to, any changes being made by their team of multi-disciplinary advisers, as well as oversight of what has been agreed previously.     

Velocity is a ground-breaking online solution which brings together a raft of cutting-edge technologies to transform the way that commercial contracts are drafted, negotiated and executed.

Working alongside our lawyers, these technologies are deployed to streamline and automate processes, ensure the use of consistent provisions in drafting and continuously gather data for analysis and interrogation. This speeds up the process significantly, in some cases accelerating tasks which used to take days to a matter of minutes, allowing our lawyers to focus their knowledge and experience on the more challenging elements of the negotiation.

Key features

  • Fast and accurate drafting regardless of type, length or complexity.
  • Automated import of standard transaction data.
  • Document management with version and audit control.
  • Bespoke and interactive data analytics.
  • Live status tracking.
  • Digital document negotiation in real time.
  • Seamless and secure electronic signing.
  • Sophisticated permission controls for each user.
  • Optimised for desktop, tablet or mobile.

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Christopher Tart-Roberts

Head of Lawtech and Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer