Family Office Hub – Bastion

Family offices undertake increasingly complex and varied activities for their families. This often includes supporting multiple individual family members as well as the family as a whole.

For international families with businesses and assets spread across jurisdictions, the associated complex asset-holding structures often require close oversight and careful management.

Despite these nuanced requirements, until now there has been no tailored solution on the market to allow family offices to manage all of their activities in one place and from any device.

We have created Bastion, a secure, cloud-based system designed to be a "hub" for both the family office and family members to manage structures, documents, projects and day-to-day administrative activities. The centralisation of documentation and information through Bastion is of key importance in building up long term "institutional memory" for the family office.

Key features

  • Document storage and management with version and audit control for associated review, approval, processing and renewal activities.
  • Structure and family charts that link through to associated documents for each asset/family member.
  • Live, bespoke and interactive data analysis.
  • Task and project management.
  • Bespoke user interfaces for family members and the family office team.
  • Ring-fenced access for third parties such as banks to upload reports/advice and report on tasks.
  • Centralised diary management.

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