LIBOR-transition Assessment - Vantage

The FCA has made clear that market participants should not rely on LIBOR being available after 2021 and that it is expecting authorised firms to take immediate action to develop and execute a transition plan to risk free rates.

Many of our clients, and in particular senior managers with individual accountability within their organisations, have been coming to us for bespoke LIBOR transition planning advice and it became clear that, given the significant volume of client documentation with potential LIBOR exposure, an AI-driven technological solution was necessary to quantify that exposure accurately and efficiently.

Vantage is a digital solution developed by Macfarlanes to help clients understand the impact of the LIBOR discontinuation and transition to replacement rates. It uses custom-developed machine learning algorithms, combined with the analysis of subject matter experts, to review a wide range of client documentation for explicit and implicit LIBOR dependency, establishing the legal and practical implications, and positioning the client for the subsequent process of taking remediation action.

Key features

  • Combines cutting-edge AI technology and first-class legal expertise to accurately and efficiently analyse documents.
  • Fully tailored LIBOR-transition impact assessment focusing clearly on what’s relevant.
  • Advice, analysis and detailed review delivered via a secure online portal.
  • Interactive data analytics.
  • Capable of analysing a range of agreements and instruments.
  • Digital executive summary providing an easy to digest top level assessment, with the ability to drill down into the detail where necessary.

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