Case Management Unit

Macfarlanes’ Case management unit (CMU) is a hub for litigation expertise. By project managing litigation, the CMU ensures cases are run in a highly efficient way, which in turn assists our clients in budgeting and reducing their legal costs. In addition, by hiving off the more procedural aspects of litigation to the CMU, our matter lawyers can be entirely client-focused, directing all their attention to delivering a case-winning strategy.

 The unit is supervised by a senior lawyer with over 15 years’ litigation experience, and includes a qualified solicitor and several specialist litigation paralegals.

The CMU provides consultancy and project management services at all stages of litigation, and in particular those that are typically the most costly, such as evidence collection and disclosure.

We deploy our experience to devise and deliver issue-specific strategies that streamline evidence collection and review, involving a number of innovative technologies. For example, Macfarlanes is the first UK firm to adopt a pioneering American eDisclosure platform which can allow data to be processed very quickly for review, and which can substantially reduce the costs of the whole disclosure process. This enables our clients to undertake their review exercises in a proportionate and defensible manner.

Whilst the majority of disputes settle out of court, the CMU provides support to the legal team and our client when a case does go to trial or to arbitration, which usually involves a period of extremely intensive work. This further streamlines the process for our clients, while again freeing up lawyers to devote all their attention to winning the case.


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