Tax Risk Management

Our tax risk management team helps you to identify your key tax risks and to find pragmatic ways to manage them.

The tax authority approach to tax risk is changing. HMRC increasingly acts as quasi-regulator, for example, with high expectations in terms of taxpayer governance, process and behaviour. We seek to ensure that our clients are well prepared for the challenges and in control of the associated risks. In so doing we may look at oversight and “tone from the top”, policies and procedures, resource, training and know-how, and communication and messaging.

Examples of ways we can help you include:

  • developing and implementing a tax risk management framework and policy;
  • developing a document retention and management system;
  • reviewing your CCO procedures, with recommendations as to operational and policy changes;
  • reviewing your policies more widely to ensure consistency across areas and functions that touch tax;
  • preparing for DAC6, including conducting a detailed impact assessment and recommending procedures for DAC6 compliance going forward;
  • helping you to manage your suppliers and the associated supply chain tax risk;
  • managing risk at the portfolio company level;
  • reviewing your tax function (model, responsibilities, procedures, people, interaction with the board, interaction with the business); and
  • providing tax training.

In addition, we work closely with our tax policy function to ensure our clients' voices are heard at an early stage in the policy making process.

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