The future of the United Kingdom

26 April 2021

On 6 May, the people of Scotland are due to vote in the Scottish Parliamentary Election.

The Scottish National Party, widely expected to be returned to Government, is standing on a platform of calling for a further referendum on Scottish independence. At present, the UK Government is stating that it will not grant any such referendum but, in the event of an SNP majority in Holyrood, demands for a second independence referendum will grow louder.

The experience of Brexit shows the impact that political change and uncertainty can have on business. The approach the UK has taken to Brexit will also be fundamental to future devolution and trade discussions – both internationally and, following the Internal Markets Act, within the UK as well.

Macfarlanes’ report, The Future of the United Kingdom, examines the business and practical implications of various potential devolution or indeed independence scenarios for Scotland in light of next week’s elections. We also look at the context and complexities of devolution post-Brexit. Our intention is to help businesses look ahead, and ask: what would these scenarios mean in practice?

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