Crisis and Reputation Management

We advise clients on effective strategies for dealing with intrusive media attention and the publication of damaging allegations.

We understand that reputation is a valuable asset. We help clients navigate events that threaten their reputation or undermine their right to privacy. Such threats may come from the traditional press or broadcast media, or from online sources including social media.

If we are engaged before a defamatory publication occurs, we try to prevent it. We can seek to mitigate the damage which could be caused by ensuring that the publisher complies with their legal obligations as to accuracy, fairness and balance. If publication of private information is threatened, we can advise on applying for an urgent High Court injunction to prevent it.

If we are consulted after publication has taken place, we can devise an appropriate legal strategy. This may include seeking the swift removal of the offending material, the publication of a correction and apology, and the payment of damages and costs. We work closely with PR professionals to provide a joined-up approach to reputation management.