Environmental, Social and Governance

All businesses, whether they are facing private investors, markets, consumers or their own supply chains, are under increasing pressure to consider, mitigate and improve the social and environmental impacts of their operations, and to demonstrate robust governance structures to manage these.

ESG issues now touch every type of client, and will only increase as policy makers, regulators, investors and consumers prepare to position themselves in   the transition to a low carbon and circular economy which takes the interests of multiple stakeholders into account.

Our co-ordinated team of experts from across the firm place ESG considerations at the heart of what they do and are here to assist with the challenges and opportunities they present. Our offering is uniquely differentiated, with a dual approach to helping our clients meet their ESG goals, both proactively and reactively.

Our integrated corporate advisory offering helps clients develop their ESG strategy on a bespoke basis, tailored to their product or service philosophy using the target operating model the business needs to support their vision.

This work is then supported across our specialist teams, which includes public policy specialists, consultants, lawtech professionals and accountants alongside our legal experts, to embed the legal and regulatory requirements needed to help clients make their strategy a reality.

This rare combination allows us to work with clients in future proofing and stress testing ESG strategies and in developing high-tech solutions to help clients navigate this fast developing and challenging space.

ESG at Macfarlanes

We recognise that ESG issues are just as relevant to our own business and operations as they are to our clients, and understand that the decisions we make within our business can have an acute impact on our wider environment.

To ensure integration of each element of E, S and G into our operations we have established an ESG steering committee comprising partners, directors and managers from across the firm which has oversight and responsibility for ESG policy matters and strategy.

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